Your Latest Member Newsletter

Happy New Year lovely members! A few things to report and let you know about this month. I hope you are all well and trust you are keeping safe from the pesky C-Word! I am sure I will see a lot of you over the next couple of weeks so as always – say hi!

You are invited to our 2nd FREE Range Event - FREE to MEMBERS ONLY

Tuesday 25th January
The first one was great fun and fully booked. Our next one will be on 25th January.
•Free range balls from 7-10
•Free Dinner! (Curry or Chilli orsimilar)
•Competitions will be run by Tomand Will
•All £5 entry fees paid out in prizes

The last one we did, sold out very quickly. If you do book – please turn up! Your spot can be given to someone if you let us know.
Click the ‘Email Tom’ link to book

Email Tom

Rising Costs

A couple of months ago I warned everyone about the rising costs of pretty much everything -from wages to food items and even things like plastic! It has been a bit of a struggle to simply get items from suppliers.

From next month, members will still get a levy discount on all food and drink.

From 1st February 2022, you will load up your members card at the bar and use it to get 10% off all food and beverage.

I will continue to have members only specials and exclusive events like range competitions and Christmas Party nights plus I will keep you updated of these free for members events.

Also keep your eyes open for other subsidised members events throughout this year – If you have any ideas of events you would like to see happening at Ramsdale – pop me an email.

The Pond is Coming

As you all see the gaping crater on the 9th tee – you know how ugly it is. For years you have wanted the pond lining and it is happening in February!
Both sides of the bridge will be lined, aquatic plants and a shiny new fountain to aerate the water. We can migrate some of the fish over from the 6th and the new bridge will allow you to see both sides of the water.

A few other improvements...

• The path at the bottom of the hill to the 10th tee and the path behind the 1st tee on the Lee will also be renovated with fresh new tarmac at the same time.
• 40 new trees being planted at the end of January on the 18th hole
• The right-hand side of the 18th will have the under bush cleared out, opening up the wooded area where there are some beautiful, well-established trees. I am delighted with this as most of my tee shots go in those trees and I may have a chance of finding them once this work is done!
• 7th Tee – Seely Course. We need to move the irrigation so this work is taking a wee bit longer – but you can see its progression and it should only be another 3 or 4 weeks.
• Higher fence on the 18th to prevent balls coming over from the range

That’s about all I have for now. I am sure to be sending another update soon as we have so much planned in the first half of the year.
Take care and I will see you soon,