Short Course

Short Course

The Short Course (Lee Course) at Ramsdale Park is a super golf course for golfers who are pressed for time, are new to golf, or those players that just want to practice their short and mid-range game. This fun course can be enjoyed by everyone, including families, and can be played in under 90 minutes.

Highly regarded as one of the finest short courses in Nottingham, if you haven’t time for a full round on Ramsdale Park’s Seely Course, tee it up on our excellent 18-hole Lee Course - a short par-3 golf course.

This delightful 2,844 yard layout has holes ranging from 100 yards through to 207 yards. Perfect for a family golf outing, or when you want some mid to long-iron target practice!

The Lee Course represents an enjoyable yet tactical challenge for developing beginners and golfers wishing to improve their short game skills.

Golfer Comments

"In my opinion the UK's premier par 3 course. Excellent greens all year round. Full 18 hole course that puts many other course to shame."

"The 18 hole par 3 is an absolute pleasure to play. Challenging but not so much that a bad shot can ruin your round. The greens are perfect, the best I have seen for a long time. Itching to get out on the Seely course as it looks like it could be an exceptional 18 from what I have seen."

"The Par 3 Lee course is marvellous for beginners to gain experience before moving on to a full length course. I am 71 years of age and only been learning the game of golf for 6 weeks and found this course to be excellent for me and I love it."

"The 18 hole par 3 course is challenging and imaginative. Its rolling hills provide tough approach shots if you miss the green or duff one off the tee, so it's not just up and back on flat land like some par 3 courses. Fairways are a bit scorched due to the current weather but the greens cannot be faulted. Excellently maintained and consistent speed throughout the course. Lovely clubhouse and very good pro shop. I would recommend this course to anyone wanting to push themselves on challenging par-3s."