Custom Fit

Custom Fit

Custom fitting is the process by which a trained golf professional fits your equipment to your personal requirements.  Custom fitting looks at your physical dimensions to ensure your clubs are the right 'static fit', and your swing technique to make sure they are the correct 'dynamic fit'.

Whatever standard of golf you play, you can benefit from having your golf clubs fitted.  The team of PGA Golf Professionals at Ramsdale Park Golf Centre use the latest Flightscope technology to ensure your clubs are right for you.

Do my Clubs Fit?

If you have not had your clubs fitted, there is a good chance that they are to blame for some of your wayward shots.  Take a look at the list below to see if you could benefit from a custom fit session:

  • Shafts too flexible – you may be hitting the ball high, hooking the ball, or experience inconsistency.
  • Clubs too long – You may find yourself hitting the ball fat or falling away at impact.
  • Lie too flat – Your shots may be going straight right of target, or find yourself with an over strong grip
  • Shafts too stiff – Hitting the ball low, weak shots to the right and poor distance may indicate that your shafts are too stiff
  • Clubs too short – If you often hit ‘thin’ shots, fall forward at impact or your knees are too flexed, you might be using clubs that are too short.
  • Lie too upright – A weak grip, a dislike of ‘tight’ lies and a tendency to hit shots left of target may indicate the lie of your clubs is too upright. 

If you are experiencing any of the above why not book a custom fitting session with a PGA Golf Professional at Ramsdale Park.  Call us today on 0115 965 5600.

About Flightscope

Flightscope, Ramsdale Park Golf Centre, Nottingham

Flightscope Launch Monitors use patented radar technology (similar to technology used by the military) and advanced industrial electronics to assess ball measurement and track your golf ball through its flight. This information is then instantly available to view with your Professional for analysis.

Flightscope tracks a number of variables for each shot including;

  • Real time tracking
  • Ball speed
  • Swing speed
  • Vertical & Horizontal launch angles
  • Back and side spin rates
  • Club distance comparison
  • Shot Dispersion